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Monday, November 06, 2006

When It Happens

A nice, quick read that I just finished is When It Happens by Susane Colasanti. This book is told in the alternating voices of Sara and Tobey. Sara is a senior and an excellent student but she isn't part of what she considers the "in-crowd". Sara gets excited when Dave, a popular senior, shows her attention and asks her out. But unfortunately, Dave is not all Sara had hoped for and their relationship doesn't thrill her as much as she'd like. Sara has the idea that this year, she is going to find true romance so she sticks with Dave and starts hanging with his friends much to the displeasure of her closest girlfriends. Dave seems to want only one thing from Sara and it's not something she's ready to give.

Enter Tobey. Tobey is a rocker at heart, part of a band and a self-proclaimed slacker. He knows that if he's going to win Sara, who he believes is the "real" thing, he's going to have to show her he's worth it. He sets to raising his grades, something he's easily capable of, and going after the girl by enlisting one of her closest friends.

Sara is still going out with Dave but Tobey's eyes have something in them that keeps drawing her to him. He's totally not her type but she's quickly discovering that Dave is not going to fulfill her destiny. As she and Tobey start to get closer, Sara is confounded by all of the things they have in common. Which boy will she choose? Is Dave really a loser? Is Tobey too good to be true? Pick up When It Happens and find out.


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